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Extremely Soothing and Relaxing- Essential Oils

A question that is frequently asked by most of the people is where can I buy essential oils? Can it be purchased at the health food stores, grocery stores, craft stores or beauty stores? Before searching for essential oils, few important facts should be considered- the purpose of using essential oil and grade of the oil needed. If someone uses essential oil to make candles or for fragrance then aromatherapy, fragrance or food grade oil is the best. Such essential oils are inexpensive as they are distilled using synthetic solvents.

Research Online for Essential Oils

Perfume and manufacturing industries purchase such types of essential oils but their purity is questionable. They are even used in millions of products such as shampoos, plug-ins, air fresheners and laundry detergents. Research online or ask an herbalist, natural food grocer or an intelligent and knowledgeable friend. It is acknowledged that more than one kind of oil is suitable for several purposes. 100% therapeutic grade oil should be used if someone intends to use them for their family, children and animals. This is because therapeutic grade oils meet the strongest distillation and testing procedures.

Choose a Credible Store offering Essential Oils

Even more important, they are produced with no solvents. Such oils are very costly to produce so there are only few high quality essential oil suppliers in the world. One should opt for a reputable and responsible essential oil company that is more concerned with producing quality product and take care of the safety of the consumers. As essential oil is highly concentrated and volatile oil, it can be extracted from aromatic plants. An easy way to purchase such essential oil is online or in local health food stores, e-store, farmers market or co-operation.


Essential oil obtained from reputed companies is certified and tested in laboratory. All the extraction methods, materials used, data reports, purity and quality is minutely observed before delivery. Due to the many benefits of essential oil such as promoting physical and mental well being, relaxation and nourishing the skin, its demand has increased a great deal. Buy the name you can trust so as to provide you with the finest quality essential oil products to buy. If you buy good quality product, it will last longer. Keep in mind “where I can buy” to always purchase essential oils from a store that has a good turnover. This is because you are ensured that you are buying recent stock.


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Frankincense Essential Oil – Features And Benefits

Frankincense, which is also known as olibanum, is produced from Boswellia trees. These trees produce a gum like material that is used to make Frankincense essential oil by steam purification. These oils are beneficial for our health. This tress can be grown anywhere around the globe, but the best and highest quality of oils is said to be grown in the parts of Oman. These oils are in use for a very long time and are regarded as holy oil. It is said that it is used to get connected with the god to understand each other and understand one’s truth. Thus it is widely used during meditation and prayer making a person to remove ego and go into a place where he could silence and peace

What are the benefits of Frankincense essential oil? As I said earlier, it has positive impacts on our health. If you are suffering from arthritis, it can be viable option to use it. Try to massage your joints with the help or you can inhale it directly in the form of steam. It can also be used to cure Alzheimer’s disease by putting the oil in pillow or shirt collar. You can go for a full body massage or you can only just massage your feet and toes. There are many other diseases which can be cured using it such as plague, tumour, scarring, moles, hepatitis and still counting.

Next question that strikes our mind is that how to use it? When you buy, you get list of application guidelines but some of the basic guidelines that can be followed are:-

The oil can be inhaled directly or can be spread out in a closed room.

You can directly apply the oil on your skin without diluting it. But it is highly recommended that you should first make a test of our skin as it may react.

You can add it with some carrier oil such as coconut oil if your skin is sensitive.

You can also add the oil in your food but with proper recommendation. It is not made for every brand to be used in cooking. It is not for children whose age is below 6 years.

How you can get such essential oils? There are many online sites from where you can purchase. You can find in various food stores. But try to avoid buying from grocery stores as they would not provide the right quality.