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Know More About Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements

We are all acquainted with cinnamon, the delightful and multipurpose spice that is often usually used in the course of the holiday season. It is auxiliary to various desserts, and it is voluntarily obtainable on the spice racks of most grocery provisions. Nonetheless cinnamon also has a spans old tradition as a natural medicine with numerous health benefits. In Indian medicine known as “Ayurveda,” it is castoff to upturn the body’s flow naturally. In Chinese medication, it is every so often prescribed for coldness as it has a heating effect on the body. Cinnamon has been cast off and can be helpful for colds, nausea, digestion as well as diarrhea.

There are even scriptural references to this old spice where it was cast off in the form of anointing oil. Greek and Roman philosophies used cinnamon to assuage digestive issues. An exciting historical event happened during the 1918 Spanish flu eruption that involved workers at a cinnamon factory that appeared to be resistant to emerging this deadly flu. Researches, as well as clinical studies, are ongoing to be directed to see how this spice might help protect in contrast to a diversity of viruses.

Balances Blood Sugar

Cinnamon has been revealed to help hang onto blood sugar levels stable. Individuals who have diabetes might advantage from this spice as of their blood sugar spikes that can cause severe health complications.

Anti-Inflammatory Advantages

Cinnamon may have advantageous effects on inflammation in the body. The vital component in cinnamon recognized as “cinnamaldehyde” helps to avoid blood platelet thickening that protects the heart. This anti-inflammatory outcome makes cinnamon a very heart vigorous spice to include into your diet. Cinnamon contains the mineral manganese, fiber, iron as well as calcium. Fiber is useful constipation or diarrhea. It might also be obliging to high cholesterol levels.

How to use Cinnamon?

You can make use of it as either a crushed spice or as a stick. The fragrant smell of cinnamon points toward that it is fresh. It is superior to use natural cinnamon as this would not be treated and would more likely have greater vitamin c content. You must store the cinnamon for not in excess of six months in a cool atmosphere.

Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial

A number of studies have revealed that the oils in cinnamon hold anti-fungal as well as anti-bacterial qualities. A lot of people use cinnamon for circumstances such as yeast contaminations and head lice.


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True Cinnamon Health Benefits – Why Consume Real Cinnamon over Regular Cinnamon

True cinnamon is different from regular cinnamon. It is usually labeled as Ceylon cinnamon. It has both flavoring and medicinal properties. Although being on the expensive side, there are several true cinnamon health benefits, which can be useful to you when consuming it.  Studies have revealed that true cinnamon has a low level of coumarin, unlike regular cinnamon and therefore, does not affect one’s liver. Therefore, if you wish to use cinnamon for its health benefits, than using true cinnamon over the regular one would be beneficial.

Top 6 Health Benefits of Consuming True Cinnamon

There are various health benefits of true cinnamon:

• One of the important true cinnamon health benefits is that, it lowers the blood sugar levels in individuals who have Type Two diabetes. If you are diabetic, and on insulin then consuming true cinnamon will boost your body’s ability to respond to it effectively.

• Consuming this cinnamon reduces the chances of blood clotting. It is very powerful anti-coagulant properties.

• Just by in-taking little true cinnamon daily can help you lower the risk associated with heart problems. Apart from reducing blood sugar levels, you can minimize the levels of bad cholesterol as well.

• True cinnamon boosts your immune system and prevents you from common cold. It also helps to stop the development of bacteria and yeast problems. You can also add true cinnamon oils to food, to avoid the growth of food borne bacteria.

• You will be surprised to know that just by taking a whiff of cinnamon spice you can increase your brain activity. It has proven beneficial for achieving strong memory and attentive skills. True cinnamon also has properties that can be used to treat patients with chronic neurodegenerative problems.

• Last but not the least, true cinnamon aids in proper digestion. If you suffer from lactose intolerance, then having cinnamon can increase the body’s ability to consume dairy products.

True Cinnamon vs. Regular Cinnamon

True cinnamon health benefits can really do wonders for your body. However, you need to understand the difference between true cinnamon and the regular one. True cinnamon will usually be like a fine powder, light brown in colour and will have a sweeter smell. It will also be expensive as well, but after all health is wealth so money should be the last concern on your mind when improving your overall health with true cinnamon.

Real Cinnamon over Regular Cinnamon

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Patient Appointment Reminder Solution- A Smart Way To Keep The Crowd Coming

The frontiers of communication keep blurring these days. With every sector and industry striving to keep pace with the rapid growth in communication, it was only a matter of time before the hospitality industry also woke up from its slumber and realized the enormous potential innovations in communication hold for patient satisfaction. Patient appointment reminder solution is one of the newest ways to keep constantly connected with patients to ensure repeat visits as well as handy word of mouth publicity as the patients are reminded of the services in a subtle manner even when they are outside the premises of the organization.


In this world of constant communication, even medical service providers have to tighten up their act. A friendly text message, an email wishing happy birthday, a concerned follow up via social media sites or a patient appointment reminder solution, all of this goes a long way in making a medical service provider dear to the patients.


Gone are the days when wives would keep on reminding their husbands about appointment to the dentist the next day, so much so that by morning, the husband might remember the doctor’s name and time of appointment correctly, but he might have forgotten everything else! It also offers great significance as last-minute recollections make many people cancel that long-cherished luch with friends or a trip to the movies. Patient reminder solution keeps you informed significantly prior to the event so that you have ample time to plan your day accordingly.

Concern and sincere effort are the two things that can get even the most cynic people to trust and avail services of a particular establishment or doctor without a second thought. This amount of trust shown by people has to be equally matched by the practitioners, not just through their skills on the OT but outside as well!

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Cinnamon and its Multi-Purpose Uses

Cinnamon is widely considered as of the finest spices and is significantly used to add special taste in different food items. This well known spice also carries various health benefits. Cinnamon is basically available in two forms- namely Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon. Ceylon is considered to be real cinnamon and truly helps in combating various diseases, digestive trouble and minor colds and bacterial infections. This herb is available in both stick and powder form and it is advisable to handle it with care to ensure its highest potency.

Use of Real Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

According to health experts consuming cinnamon between 1 to 6 grams a day can be highly beneficial. Depending upon the reason of consuming cinnamon, some experts are of the opinion that as little as ½ teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of real ceylon cinnamon powder can provide great health benefits.

Real Ceylon Cinnamon PowderFollowing are some of the ways to consume cinnamon-

• Do not eat cinnamon raw as it may taste sour. Instead mix it with food products enhance the taste of the food items.
• Sprinkle cinnamon on the top of a dish
• Mix a little cinnamon powder in tea or coffee and savor the refreshing taste. You can even use a cinnamon stick to stir the tea or coffee and relish the enhanced taste of your beverage.

Some Vital Information about Cinnamon

• Cinnamon powder can stay fresh for up to six months and cinnamon sticks for one year.
• If you wish to enhance the life of cinnamon, store the spice in the refrigerator in a well-sealed container.
• To check freshness, smell the cinnamon. If it has a sweet smell it means that the cinnamon is fresh and can be used to enhance the taste of different dishes and for medical purpose.

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Appointment Reminder Services Rock The World!

If you are of forgetful nature and often forget about your appointments then here is an option that would chuck off your worries for once and for all. You now have appointment reminder service providers who buzz you right on time and remind you about your appointments. For example an online dental appointment reminder will help you keep informed about the upcoming appointment with your dentist so that you don’t miss on the same.


How does the service work?

The service terms are simple but the same can and do vary from one service provider to the other and hence it suggested that you go through the terms and conditions on the portal carefully before engaging with the same. The mantra is that you register yourself with the agent and tell him about the appointments that you have and the time when you would like him to remind you about the same. Once done, the phone shall buzz or an email shall be sent which will keep you in the loop.


The payments for such services can be made online with the help of your credit and/or debit card or by using net banking services. Again, the payments terms may vary and hence it suggested that you check with your agent with respect to the same.

The starting point


The service is all about helping you fulfill your responsibilities on time by reminding you about the same. Since appointments are important, these service provider all you on a specific time to remind you about your appointments for the day. Options include online dental appointment reminder services, etc. Since appointments are important, these service provider all you on a specific time to remind you about your appointments for the day.

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Buying essential Oil Online Just Got Better

Oil is an important product used by all of us in our everyday lives and hence is a must-buy every month. Baby oil is another essential oil item that is required in case you have babies at home who require regular massage and oil nourishment. Then you have essential oil products for rough hair, dry hair, baldness, etc. Edible oil is another imperative oil product used every day for cooking purposes.


How to buy Oil online?

If you don’t find enough time to go to the market and buy essential oil products then your problems just got a solution. Lots of online vendors have come up in the recent past selling best quality oil products. Now you can buy essential oils online with easy payment options and delivery.
All you need to do is to prepare a list of items that you would like to buy and check on the website the brand options available along with the discount deals, if any. In just a few clicks you can actually oil products which are of high quality and cost less than the market price.

Research to have better options

If you have little time to spare then before you buy essential oils online, do some research in order to make sure that you buy from an authentic and genuine seller. Read some customer reviews or check ratings of the seller on social media networks to make an informed choice.

Discount Deals

Online vendors also offer lots of deals and promotional discounts which reduce you bill by 30-40% which gives these sellers an edge over the regular roadside shops. So make use of these excellent bonus offers to help yourself in the long run as you can save a lot of money by opting to buy essential oils online.

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Connect With Patients Effectively Via Dental Patient Communication Tool

It just takes one smile to connect with your patients and make them your loyal clients. Via dental patient communication tool, you can easily reach out to your patients and extend them warm birthday greetings, friendly appointment reminders and even conduct patients’ survey and get reviews. With the help of the advanced technology, you can easily communicate with your clients through emails, text messages and even connect with them via social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Enhance your Client Base

You often suffer losses due to ‘forgetful’ patients. Now, you can easily utilize recalls and reactivations facilities to connect with forgetful patients and ensure that they keep their appointments.

Be the Primary Source of Dental Information

By sending fortnightly or monthly newsletters to your patients, you can become their primary source of dental information. You can educate your patients about the needs to brush teeth effectively, methods to brush teeth, problems associated with gums and teeth, how to ensure pearly white teeth and various other topics. Sending interesting articles and dental tips to your patients will definitely enhance your brand image and your patients will choose you over other dentists when the need arises.

Create a Strong Bond

With the ever increasing competition in dental field, it is crucial to always remain connected with your clients and create a strong bond. Make your clients feel special by sending them birthday and anniversary wishes and friendly appointment reminders. This will definitely attract your clients and make your practice visible.


In this cut-throat competition, do not just leave your practice in the hands of fate. Instead take charge, and via dental patient communication tool connect with your patients and enhance your client base and brand image.

Summary- Connect with your patients via dental patient communication tool and enhance your client base and brand image. Send birthday greetings, appointment reminders, newsletters and more easily and effectively!