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Why Real Ceylon Cinnamon is Good for Health?

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Real Ceylon cinnamon is a product of Sri Lanka and it is more expensive than its other counterparts. The spice has been long known for its medicinal properties and various health benefits. Let’s take a look at its various benefits one by one.

Helps in Diabetes Treatment

Real Cinnamon is considered as an alternative treatment for diabetes. In one of the study cinnamon brought the insulin levels in diabetic rats to the normal levels. The spice is found to stimulate insulin-like activity and s found to reduce the insulin resistance in the body.

Fights Cancer

The cinnamon contains the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial effects. It means that cinnamon supports the immune health. As it enhances the antioxidant enzyme activity, it may prevent or treat certain type of cancer.

It is especially good for the people who are looking dietary supplements that can help the cancer from growing.

Manages Blood Pressure

The cinnamon contains cinnamic acid, which has anti-inflammatory effects.  With this property it helps in the blood flow through the body with less strain on the heart. It is found that cinnamon supports cardiovascular function and contributes to health heart.

Prevents Alzheimer

Real cinnamon has also been found to improve the way the brain responds to the insulin. Its metabolic effect also makes Ceylon cinnamon is useful in neurological conditions and may help control high blood glucose levels in the brain

Other Cinnamon Products

Besides in the powder form the cinnamon has other many other products as well which are frequently used.

Cinnamon Toothpicks

They are very useful as they maintain a good dental hygiene. People are very conscious about the products they can use in their mouths. The fragment of cinnamon is the essential oil which is added when the cinnamon toothpicks are made.

This oil has powerful anti-microbial properties which finishes the bacteria. The cinnamon has its special fragrance which makes the mouth fresh as well. It is an excellent solution against the bad breadth. With the regular use of the toothpick, one can stop bad breadth coming from the mouth.

Some Advantages:

• Its regular use can help you get rid of the smoking habit

• It always keeps your mouth fresh and it contains the oil which cleans the teeth slowly

• Helps you reduce the habit of eating too much.

Thus cinnamon has many advantages and its products like cinnamon toothpick can be very useful for health as well.


Author: Jerry William

Jerry William is working as a health and wellness consultant and have 4+ years of experience in the health industry. He enjoys using reliable data and storytelling to highlight health and wellness opportunities and solve related problems.

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