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Cinnamon and its Multi-Purpose Uses

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Cinnamon is widely considered as of the finest spices and is significantly used to add special taste in different food items. This well known spice also carries various health benefits. Cinnamon is basically available in two forms- namely Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon. Ceylon is considered to be real cinnamon and truly helps in combating various diseases, digestive trouble and minor colds and bacterial infections. This herb is available in both stick and powder form and it is advisable to handle it with care to ensure its highest potency.

Use of Real Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

According to health experts consuming cinnamon between 1 to 6 grams a day can be highly beneficial. Depending upon the reason of consuming cinnamon, some experts are of the opinion that as little as ½ teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of real ceylon cinnamon powder can provide great health benefits.

Real Ceylon Cinnamon PowderFollowing are some of the ways to consume cinnamon-

• Do not eat cinnamon raw as it may taste sour. Instead mix it with food products enhance the taste of the food items.
• Sprinkle cinnamon on the top of a dish
• Mix a little cinnamon powder in tea or coffee and savor the refreshing taste. You can even use a cinnamon stick to stir the tea or coffee and relish the enhanced taste of your beverage.

Some Vital Information about Cinnamon

• Cinnamon powder can stay fresh for up to six months and cinnamon sticks for one year.
• If you wish to enhance the life of cinnamon, store the spice in the refrigerator in a well-sealed container.
• To check freshness, smell the cinnamon. If it has a sweet smell it means that the cinnamon is fresh and can be used to enhance the taste of different dishes and for medical purpose.


Author: Jerry William

Jerry William is working as a health and wellness consultant and have 4+ years of experience in the health industry. He enjoys using reliable data and storytelling to highlight health and wellness opportunities and solve related problems.

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