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How to Identify Real Cinnamon

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Cinnamon is a herb that is famously used in traditional treatment and medicines. It has the capacity to treat various types of health issues such as diabetes, cough and diarrhea. But all cinnamon is not of good quality possessing health benefits. There is Cassia cinnamon which is fake cinnamon and is produced in many countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and China. Fake cinnamon is very hot and if someone chews a piece, they will feel the pungent taste and flame in their mouth; it is just the contrary quality of cinnamon as real cinnamon is a symbol of quality. It has an exquisite taste. It is sweet without the spicy or hot taste of fake cinnamon.


Identify Real Cinnamon before Purchase

Real Ceylon cinnamon contains negligible amount of courmain. Cassia cinnamon can cause damage to liver and kidney. Real cinnamon has between 2.5 ppm of courmain compared to 2000-5000 ppm of courmain found in cassia cinnamon. In case of ground cinnamon, it is extremely difficult to differentiate between the two unless you are trained in this field. Cassia cinnamon sticks do not show multiple layers of any kind since they are derived from the thick barks of the cassia plant. But the real Ceylon cinnamon is rolled from the plant barks that are much thinner, one can see multiple layers.

The thinner layering of the bark is the indication of true cinnamon stick. Real cinnamon sticks are very soft and one can even visualize the bristles. On the other hand cassia cinnamon sticks are hard. Real ones have a tan color compared to cassia cinnamon having reddish brown or dark brown color. The surface of cassia cinnamon is uneven and rough whereas real Ceylon cinnamon bark is smooth. As cassia cinnamon dry, the sticks tend to cut inward from both sides towards the center. In case of real cinnamon sticks, they curl from one side only and thus roll up just like a newspaper.


They are perfect in sweet and subtle dishes that demand a delicate flavor. Real cinnamon sticks can be easily grinded in an electric grinder. But the grinder will be burnt if cassia cinnamon is tried on it. One can easily chew the real cinnamon sticks as they are sweet and delicate. On the other hand cassia cinnamon sticks are strong and peppery. There is only one real cinnamon known as Ceylon cinnamon. It comes from the cinnamomum zeylanicum plant. It is more expensive than cassia cinnamon and carries several health benefits.


Author: Jerry William

Jerry William is working as a health and wellness consultant and have 4+ years of experience in the health industry. He enjoys using reliable data and storytelling to highlight health and wellness opportunities and solve related problems.

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