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Buy Ceylon Cinnamon Powder For Tasty Food And Healthy Life

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Cinnamon is a culinary spice that is derived from the fragrant bark of one of the evergreen trees – Cinnamomum. It has been serving both culinary and medicinal purposes for years. You might not know that there are two major variants of cinnamon, Cassia cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon. Culinary experts call the latter one as ‘true cinnamon’, but it is predominantly not sold in the market because it is expensive. The other variant – Cassia cinnamon is less expensive, so it is more popular. However, experts prefer to use Ceylon cinnamon because it’s sweeter and more delicate and adds a complex flavor to a simple food or dessert.

ImageWhat is the difference between Ceylon Cinnamon and Cassia Cinnamon?

Apart from flavor enhancement, there is a significant difference between the two variants of cinnamon. Cassia contains high amounts of coumarin, but in Ceylon it is present in a very negligible amount. Coumarin is a fragrant and naturally occurring chemical compound that is toxic in nature. It can damage liver functions to a great extent. Moreover, it is also found that, Cassia is the main source of this toxic substance when it comes to the human diet. Regular consumption of Cassia can be dangerous to health. Therefore, culinary experts advise to buy Ceylon cinnamon powder.

ImageHow to identify Ceylon cinnamon?

• Ceylon cinnamon is full of light and bright citrus flavour, unlike Cassia cinnamon. It is coined as Ceylon because it comes from Sri Lanka.
• It is light in color, somewhat tanned. However, Cassia cinnamon is reddish or dark brown in color.
• Its taste is sweet and delicate, not spicy and hot.
• Its surface is smooth, unlike Cassia cinnamon.
• As far as, looks are concerned. Cassia’s bark is thicker than Ceylon. When the former one dries, it curls inwards towards the center from both sides. However, the latter one curls up from one side only. It looks like a bundled newspaper.

Though these are some common identifying features, but they will help you buy ceylon cinnamon powder.

Where to buy from?


You might not found Ceylon cinnamon in local supermarkets. This is because, most of the people use Cassia cinnamon instead of Ceylon, as they are not aware of its side effects of the former. However, you can go for online shops to purchase Ceylon cinnamon powder. There are many online food merchants who sell authentic Ceylon cinnamon powder at affordable prices. You can also go to local medical stores. Sometimes they keep such food products. Do remember, your and your family’s health should be your top most priority.


Author: Jerry William

Jerry William is working as a health and wellness consultant and have 4+ years of experience in the health industry. He enjoys using reliable data and storytelling to highlight health and wellness opportunities and solve related problems.

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