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Cinnamon Toothpicks- Nice Cap To A Remarkable Dinner

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Ceylon Cinnamon Toothpicks-2

Cinnamon is famous for its spicy flavor and fragrant aroma. It is widely used both for its healthy properties as well as flavorful spice. Hot cinnamon toothpicks have become very popular as they are an alternative to smoking cigarettes and also curbs snacking. They provide no ill effects from tobacco or have no additional calories. Recently, there has been a great rise in its popularity as they are darn healthy for you. They’ve proved to be a good breath freshener and removes particles of food between teeth.

The scent of cinnamon definitely improves memory and cognitive skill. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in fiber, iron, manganese and calcium. Who can resist having a hot cinnamon toothpick in their mouth? They are also popular among people who are dieting. Do you know how to make hot cinnamon toothpicks? Making cinnamon flavored toothpicks at home is a very easy process. Only a few ingredients is required and one night’s time.

Step 1- Pour approximately 2 oz of cinnamon bark oil into a small air tight glass jar with a lid. See that the oil should cover the bottom of the jar.

Step 2- Place about 500 wooden toothpicks into the jar.

Step 3- Cover the jar with the lid and tighten it.

Shake it well.

Step 4- Store the jar overnight. Even though cinnamon oil is only at the bottom of the jar, the entire toothpick will be flavored.

Oil is absorbed into the wood as the toothpick sits and travels up the sticks. After sitting overnight, the entire toothpick will be wet. The longer you soak them the hotter they’ll be. To give them the right amount of cinnamon flavor, soaking them overnight is usually enough. If they’re too hot, they will burn your mouth so you should be careful not to soak them longer than a day.

Step 5- Remove the toothpicks from the jar and place them on a plastic cutting board or non-absorbent surface to dry. Do not lay them on paper towels or absorbent materials since it will soak the oil from the toothpick. Surface lined with plastic wrap or a cookie sheet is best. Spread them out and let them dry. Do not dry the toothpicks in direct sunlight.

Step 6 – When they are dry to the touch, store them in an air tight container to preserve the fragrance and flavor of the cinnamon. Seeing several healthy benefits of cinnamon toothpick, no one can resist savoring its taste and other benefits.


Author: Jerry William

Jerry William is working as a health and wellness consultant and have 4+ years of experience in the health industry. He enjoys using reliable data and storytelling to highlight health and wellness opportunities and solve related problems.

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