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Teeth Whitening Pen vs. Strips – Which Is Better

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A beautiful smile says a lot about an individual and the way they take care of their teeth and dental hygiene. Your smile plays a significant role in helping you make correct first impressions. No matter how healthy your teeth are and the way you carry yourself, yellow or discoloured teeth can definitely turn people off. Everyone loves having white teeth and look for numerous ways to bring back their natural colour. Out of numerous procedures, pen and teeth whitening strips are extremely popular. However, it becomes difficult to decide exactly, which procedure is suitable as per your requirements. Here is a detailed description of teeth whitening pen vs. strips to help you choose better.

Teeth whitening strips

Teeth whitening strips contain bleach or peroxide, which means that they will whiten your teeth exactly the way bleach does. The peroxide bleaches take yellow colour from your teeth in order to restore their natural white colour. It is one of the quickest ways of cleaning your teeth and reducing the discoloration. The major benefit of these strips is that they are less expensive as compared to various other treatment procedures and provide similar results.

Teeth whitening pens

Whitening pens can be purchased to use at home. This teeth whitening procedure is simple and does not create any mess. They offer ‘anytime, anywhere’ whitening solution and come in a size of a toothpaste. It is a portable method of cleaning your teeth. These are extremely quick and easy to use, which means that you do not need to fiddle with strips, appointments and other methods. Pens are an excellent way to whiten your teeth when you are traveling or stay out of your home for long hours. The best feature of using a pen is that they can be used along with any other treatment procedure you are considering.


Regardless of whether you are planning to purchase whitening pens or strips, it is advisable to look for good quality products. Thanks to the web, it is not difficult to purchase a quality product. You may browse the internet to read user-reviews and select a suitable one as per your budget. Compare prices, brand and other significant details to make sure that you are getting true value for your money. In the argument of teeth whitening pen vs. strips, you may select strips when you are following the procedure at home and the pen when you are out traveling.


Author: Jerry William

Jerry William is working as a health and wellness consultant and have 4+ years of experience in the health industry. He enjoys using reliable data and storytelling to highlight health and wellness opportunities and solve related problems.

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